Agents, Analise Electra Smith-Hinkley, Laura Taylor, and Mike Murphey of Generation Real Estate pose for lifestyle photos with Arbor photographer.
San Francisco agents Analise Smith-Hinkley, Laura Taylor, and Mike Murphy of Generation Real Estate pose for photos with Arbor lifestyle photographer.

Refresh Your Marketing & Refine Your Digital Presence

Seasonal slow-downs and market shifts can be nerve-wracking for some. Yet, even slight lulls in market activity can provide the ideal opportunity to prepare for the upcoming selling season and ensure your brand, marketing, and digital presence are crisply refreshed and refined. After all, nothing conveys an inability to market oneself more than outdated headshots, tired website photos, and broken links to long-closed neighborhood restaurants. While it can be tempting to enjoy the extra downtime or take the wait-and-see approach, creating an action plan and using the slower seasons to your advantage is a smart marketing strategy. To remain competitive during these times, we’ve composed a list of ways you can refresh your marketing and refine your digital presence.

Enhance Your Marketing With Lifestyle & Team Photography

An excellent way to uplift your marketing and reinforce your brand is with new lifestyle and team photography. When trying to attract potential buyers and sellers online, photos that reflect personality help give viewers context for who you are, evoking a feeling of trust. Lifestyle photos like those recently completed for agents Analise Electra Smith-Hinkley, Laura Taylor, and Mike Murphy of Generation Real Estate are designed to establish a personal connection. Shoots can be booked individually or as a team, in either a gorgeous home or outside amid a high-volume neighborhood, etc. Strategically, personality photos are ideal for use on a website, professional bios, social media profiles, real estate platforms, email marketing, and paid advertising. Our custom packages ensure your photo shoot will be tailored to your unique needs.

Update Your Website To Showcase Neighborhood Expertise

Local market knowledge has long been an area of agent expertise that consumers value. Attract clients and draw awareness toward your in-depth community insight by updating your website with new photography and videography that depicts life in each neighborhood. It is also beneficial to refresh neighborhood content annually, to include new local eateries, hidden attractions, favorite amenities, and housing styles.

View of Hook Fish restaurant, showing people dining outside in San Francisco Bay Area

Easily integrate new neighborhood footage into your marketing strategy by repurposing the new content and periodically posting community pics and lifestyle descriptions on social media or within newsletters. As real estate photography experts, we provide custom neighborhood-orientated services and packages. Whether it’s shooting lifestyle photos in a target neighborhood, capturing b-roll footage for a website, or photographing idyllic locations for a high-end listing, we are your visual media partners.

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Utilize Aerial Photos & Videos To Refresh Brand Materials

Aerial photos and videos are an excellent way to visually highlight your market area, show a home’s proximity to amenities, and enhance brand aestetics. Wide-angle aerial shots with high contrast provide a striking scene that works well across many marketing mediums. For example, lush landscape images and short aerial videos often serve as ideal backgrounds for webpages, blogs, email headers, cover images, posts, and more.

Aerial view of the San Francisco Bay

Often, agents have surplus aerial photography and footage from previously sold listings but need the time to curate those assets and use them across digital platforms. Adding short aerial videos to your website and social media marketing strategy lets you refresh your image with new media while repurposing existing photos and videos. Collecting reusable assets can be cost-efficient in the long run. If you have yet to include aerial photos with your listings, let’s talk.

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